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        2. ENGINEERING
          Flue gas denitrification project for 1 million 200 thousand ton / year catalytic cracking unit in a petrochemical enterprise
          As the first set of equipment for denitrifying flue gas by ozone for enterprise, the equipment achieves a denitration efficiency of more than 95%: Three Efflux Flue Gas NOx < 100mg/m3 (dry base, 3% oxygen); chain furnace denitration flue gas after NOx < 50mg/m3 (dry base, 9% oxygen). The emission of flue gas pollutants meets the requirements of special emission limits of "pollutant discharge standard for petroleum refining industry" (GB31570-2015) and "boiler air pollutant discharge standard" (GB13271-2014). The operation cost of the project is low, the corrosion of the process is small, the side reaction is few, the system is simple, and the construction and operation management are convenient.