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        2. ENGINEERING
          Dedusting engineering for denitrification and desulfurization of 2 x 260 t/h air separation boiler for enterprise
          This project adopts high ash type selective catalytic reduction flue gas denitrification (SCR) process. The denitration efficiency in operation of any unit is greater than or equal to 82.53%; the escape of NH3 is less than 3ppm; the conversion rate of SO2/SO3 is less than 1%; it has a service life of 30 years. After the renovation project was completed, the NOx concentration decreased from 515 mg/ M3 to 90 mg/m3, with emission concentration meeting the "thermal power plant air pollutant emission standards" (GB13223-2011) in coal-fired boiler air pollutant emission limits in particular 100mg/m3. If the existing engineering equipment annual utilization hours is 8000 hours, the annual emissions of NOx will be reduced by 1506 t.