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        2. ABOUT US
          Corporate culture

          From The Book of Changes·Xi Ci I “Care for the world with wisdom”.

          The blue sky

          White clouds

          Green hills, meadows, green water

          Beautiful earth

          Earth belongs to more than just our generation.

          Life is given to us by Mother Nature.


          Responsibility, care, efficiency, collaboration, innovation, reformation, simplicity, optimism


          Wisdom is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, design, core manufacturing and engineering contracting. As an expert on energy-saving and environmental protection, Wisdom provides system optimization solutions, focusing on energy and reusable materials recycling, as well as purification and treatment of the emissions. Wisdom takes the initiative to care for the clients and the environment, both domestically and internationally.


          Based on energy conservation and environmental protection, integrated advanced technology;

          Integrate internal and external resources to create leading projects.

          Core Mission

          To provide technology support for both environmental protection as well as clients’ success.

          Core Competitiveness 




          Business Model 

          Customer oriented

          Energy saving and efficiency

          Integrated system to promote environmental protection

          Promote social benefits with economic benefits!